With the initial advice that good news just doesn’t sell, Jordan took a gamble and has since become Lompoc’s premier dealer of “Good News You Can Use.” Arriving in Lompoc from London, England in 1964, Jordan took every opportunity to immerse himself in the local culture.

When the Visions’ Founder isn’t out and about the town doling out stacks of fresh newspaper, he’s acting as his own administrative assistant, funding source, sales department, design team, manager and CEO.

“Some said that it was impossible to start a paper without a financial backer.” Recognizing the naysayers as potential for growth, Jordan accepted the challenge; worked hard to sell ads and three weeks later printed the very first Lompoc Vision in 2003. His takeaway: “Don’t believe the box people will try to put you in, you are limitless!!”

In 2013 ‘The Lompoc Vision’ began sharing center stage with sister magazine – The Lompoc Valley Tourism Guide – that’s quickly become a favorite to the hospitality industry near and far.

For short, ‘The Guide’ went into its second year of bi-annual production January 2015..“I’m here to find different ways to promote Lompoc to surrounding communities and throughout the city, ” states Victor. “The Vision is a project of positivity and those with positive thoughts are invited to participate in its growth – both kids and adults… Get involved.”

You can find “The Lompoc Vision” on Facebook with live, local updates, relevant community features for your viewing pleasure – be certain to LIKE the page if you haven’t already. - Lisa Andre’


Introducing, the talented husband and wife team that has been so instrumental in putting this project together.

Victor Jordan

Victor Jordan

Chirala Pillay-Jordan